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(do people even have these anymore?).

About me:

My name is Diego Fernando Carrión and I'm a Writer, Programmer, Fencer, Amateur Photographer, Perpetually Amateur Guitarist, Opinionated UNIX fanatic, and a part-time hipster.

I'm also a Latter-Day Saint Christian (mormon) and happy to talk about my Faith to anyone with questions, as well as to learn from others. link

I have lived in a number of places among the western United States, but I'm a greater Seattle area native and am proud to call the Pacific Northwest my home.


I often go by the handle 0x783czar (read: The Czar) online (although occationally I may use 'theCzar' or 'theTsar' if a site or server won't accept my first choice). It has been with me for some time and is rather confusing to most people. Let me start off by saying that: yes, I am aware that 0x783czar is not a valid Hexidecimal number. The numbers '783' are what I consider to be the closest numerical (or 1337) representation of the word 'the', and the 0x is there mostly for decoration. So the handle is properly read as: The Czar, although other pronouciations are acceptable. As for the origin of 'The Czar' it really just seemed like a cool handle and sort of stuck.

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